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I am alive!! - Be my A side baby, B side me

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January 26th, 2009

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06:14 pm - I am alive!!
First off... Happy Australia Day!!!

So where to begin... I'm in Vancouver and have been here for 2 weeks now. Have found a sharehouse to live in but don't move in til Feb 1st. Currently we're staying in our landlords basement! Beats living in a hostel though! Am still trying to find work, but have 3 interviews with agencies this week so fingers crossed.

New York for christmas was amazing!!!!! I really can't describe it with justice. It was an awesome experience and I hope to go back soon. Got to see Central park covered in snow which was lovely.

Also had a blast travelling round the rest of Europe. Prague was cool and got to hang out with Teri, who I met in Krakow. Warsaw was great and got to catch up with Justyna (who I hadn't seen since London sharehouse days). Had an awesome time in Krakow (even if the atm did swallow my credit card!). Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic was cool, loved it even more when it snowed!

Then we hit Canada. Spent ages in Montreal and was there for New Years. That was really good but oh so cold!! -29 one day, that is the coldest I've ever been! James and I took a greyhound bus from Montreal to Vancouver. It took us 96 hours!!!! why we continue to do these massive bus treks I have no idea. Everyone got stranded in Calgary overnight and had to sleep in the bus station. It was due to road closures from avalanches! James and I were lucky though cause Matt lives in Calgary so was able to spend the night at his house and shower!!! Oh the simple pleasures. Was good to see him also.

Onto Vancouver and got to hang out with Drew for a few days before he flew back to Aus. Had a great few days exploring my new city. Best of all we went and saw a Canucks game! Had such an awesome time, very new experience and so much fun! After Drew left Karlie arrived. It's been action packed. Was so good to see her again after all these months.

So yeah now just living in Vancouver and trying to find work. Had a massive night out on saturday with James and Karlie, was good to all be back together again.
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