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September 17th, 2008

09:02 pm
Travel Plans update:

- Went to Sydney for the US visa interview last wednesday. All went really well and was approved on the spot! They looked at none of my documentation. I was asked what the purpose of my visit was. I said holiday while working in Canada. Would you like the 5 yr visa? Yes please... DONE! lol awesome!

- Got my passport back in the mail today with my shiny new visa in it. Again awesome!

- Got a phone call from James last night and again tonight. We've sorted out some more details of our trip. He's on the same flight as me out of New York so that's good.

- Booked our accomodation in Montreal for New Years. At a hostel and in a mixed 10 bed dorm... gotta say I do miss that! lol Esp after staying at a hostel again in Sydney... got me back in the mood :)

- Have sussed out the trains to Edinburgh and can get a cheap deal. It's not quite the 15 pound deal on the bus but then again it doesn't take 10 hours either! Not doing that again if I can help it!

I think that's the last of everything I need to book! Only 48 days to go :)

Off to bed cause I have a massive cold and my throat is killing me :(
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September 8th, 2008

10:12 pm - And then out of nowhere...
Was packing up more of my room on Saturday when I could hear all this noise outside. Went to investigate and this is what I saw:

Umm... kinda random!! LOL. It actually kinda made me sad!! Look at the cute little innocent house with it's yellow walls and little white windows and then out of nowhere there's this massive monster that just utterly destroys it!! *ahem* yes well... moving on :)

Am packed and ready to go to Sydney tomorrow for my interview on Wednesday. Hoping I haven't forgotten anything cause otherwise I'm screwed!!
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September 5th, 2008

02:27 pm
My flist is absolutely flooded with Prison Break squeeing and rightly so... pfftt as if I know. I'm still only up to 3x08! But thanks to my bro I now have the rest of season 3 and so once my limit is back on wednesday I will catch up on the season. Bit late to the party but meh whatever :)

Went and saw Birds of Tokyo at the Arena last night. They were awesome!! That was the word of the evening too as both Birds of Tokyo and the support act, Calling all cars kept yelling out to the crowd that we were fucking awesome. Calling all cars were quite good also, very heavy which I'm into. I feel such joy when there are drums thumping through my entire body... wailing guitars come a close second :)

Playlist and rambling about the gigCollapse )

OH and in the best news of all.... my Canadian working visa was approved!!! That has just lifted such a weight off my mind. Esp since I can now take it to the interview at the US consulate and be like SEE! I really do intend to leave the US... please give me a visa too! lol :)

I'm sleepy and cold and just want to curl up in my big comfy bed. On the other hand though I really want to beer it up and watch the footy tonight. decisions decisions :) Gotta get through the rest of work first.
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September 1st, 2008

08:51 pm
Right new day, new month, new season... all that deserves a new attitude. Not going to be whingy! :) Let's see how long that lasts.

Quick update on the back though. It's doing much better today. I only took one lot of tablets when I woke up. Seems to be the very worst when I first get out of bed. Guess it's stiff from the nights sleep and inactivity. Although last night I had super crazy freaky dreams that kept me awake for ages and really freaked me out to!

I'm really diggin The Middleman and Burn Notice. They both crack me up alot. In burn notice Michael, Sam and Fiona are all really good characters and I think that interact well together.

I realised the "major thing" I was forgetting... yeah accommodation for New years! LOL kinda important! will get onto that now. Also have to book a hotel for Sydney next week. Kinda freaking out about this interview at the US consulate. I just filled out the very detailed form online only to realise I put the wrong date of birth in!! What a goose!

Bought a bright new shiny travel adaptor and it arrived today. The official word is that I bought it since I don't have any adaptors anymore and this one is for all countries and is all in one so it's compact. Really though I bought it cause it's red :)

Off to watch the latest Middleman
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August 31st, 2008

10:06 pm - I hurt
Chain of events:-
Wednesday night - Went to bed cause I had a migrane and couldn't see.

Thursday - Woke up with a headache still but could see again (Hurray!). Was a complete mess all day at work. Was intermittently hot and cold all day. My head was really foggy and I felt particularly slow mentally (always fun!) Then to top things off... my back just like seized up at lunch and for the rest of the day I was in pain and could barely walk/move. I have no idea what I did but it hurts like hell! (Why do these things always happen to me at lunch!?)

Friday morning - Woke up and tried to get up. Couldn't move, not even just to lift myself into a sitting position in my bed. Friday was spent in the most pain I have ever experienced in my entire life!! Needless to say I took the day off work. That's my first sick day since early Feb and the sunburn incident at the cricket. Also we had no tablets of any kind in the house!! How is that possible?? Thankfully though my dad brought me home some nurofen back pain tablets.

I've been taking those since friday and although my back feels a little better (I can acutally get up and walk now), it still hurts like shit. I did try going to the Dr but they were fully booked out for the whole weekend.

The only upside to this whole debacle is that I have done more of the cleaning/tidying in my room. I sure do have alot of useless shit... like payslips from 1999 and every piece of mail I've ever recieved!! LOL

Also I have consoled myself with catching up on shows. There has been so much squeeing goin on with the upcoming Prison Break Season 4 that I'm feeling a little jealous that I stopped watching after "the head in the box" ep. So I've watched all of season 3 that I have, which is only up to episode 8. Will have to wait until I can download the rest. I hadn't actually seen before when Michael was told about Sara's death but man his reaction slayed me!

Any downloading though will have to wait since my love for Bones was re-newed. My interest kinda waned since I used up my limit and was reading alot of fic. But there were alot of spoilers for end of season 3 and I'd gone spoiler free so stopped everything to do with the fandom. I've downloaded/seen up to 3.12 now. *sigh* I really just want to see the last 3 eps but once again my limit has gone until the 10th.

I'm feeling okay for work tomorrow at the moment but we'll see how I feel in the morning. Have some more tablets so hopefully can just dose myself up. Actually really just want my stupid back to stop hurting!! On that note...
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August 26th, 2008

10:33 pm - Every half hour is a countdown
It's 10 weeks today that I fly out! I think I'm on top of everything, I hope I am!!

Things I've done:

- Booked my interview at the US consulate in Sydney for my US visa
- Booked flights to and from Sydney. Just hope the interview finishes in enough time to allow me to catch my flight, since delays of up to 4 hours are expected for the interviews... great!
- Applied for my Canadian Visa, hoping to hear back any day now. Fingers crossed it's approved! (otherwise all of this is kinda pointless)
- Booked my flight to New York for Christmas.
- Booked to Montreal for New Years

Now it's just paying for all that stuff :) Got my tax back so that helped. Have not only reached but am exceeding my goal amount in my travel fund and continuing to save. That makes me happy :)

Things are good though. I'm starting to pack up all the shit in my room. That's going to take awhile. Pretty much everything is organised and booked. I have a feeling I'm forgetting something major though which is bugging me.

Thinking bout buying a new camera. Hmmmm....
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July 26th, 2008

09:17 am - Birthdays
Yesterday was better at work, I was greeted with my desk being covered in Happy Birthday banners and balloons. Then everyone chipped in a couple of $ each and we had a morning tea. That was really nice. I know we do that for everyone but I honestly thought they'd forget my birthday. Was nice to be pleasantly surprised :)

Oh and to put Thursday's epic folding mission into perspective I only folded 156 letters yesterday and that's an average amount we get everyday. The boss and I are back to being okay (I think!) I made a point of giving him files that I knew he would be looking for on Monday morning and said "this is so you don't have a cry again about not being able to find them in the morning" lol :) Such a shit stirrer!

Heading out for the weekend in bout 20 mins... Karlie is taking me somewhere for the weekend, have no idea where!! So on that note just wanted to wish place_to_hide a very happy birthday for Sunday! You know you have the best birth date ever right?? ;) lol Hope you have an awesome day and I'll be sure to have a beer (or several!) for ya.

Shit gotta go pack!!
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July 20th, 2008

10:16 pm - Back in Black
Yes I'm still here!! been gone for ages, thanks to my internet limit being screwed. But it's back now. What's been going on with me??

Hens night was interesting... the bride had a little bit too much fun with the collars&cuffs butler. I'm not surprised though sadly.

Went and saw pink floyd as performed by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra on friday night. Bought dad a ticket for his b'day and mum and matt came along also. It was really good. Awesome to hear the band and the orchestra in harmony like that on all the classic pink floyd songs.

Got tickets to Birds of Tokyo in September... yay for more gigs lined up!

Went and had a reading at the Mind, Body, Spirit expo. The dude freaked me out though! I hope his predicition doens't come true!

Went to an info night bout working in Canada, which was very helpful... just gotta get my act together and apply for some stuff.

Went to the Storey Bridge Hotel this arfo with Karlie to have a few beers and watch the footy... I got asked for ID!! DUDE! I'm one week away from my 25th B'day and I'm still getting asked for ID?? crazy!

I do want to spend sometime catching up on everything I've missed in oh the last month! but right now I gotta go to bed! Hope everyone is/has been happy and well :)
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June 28th, 2008

01:35 pm - One company one future my arse!
So rememeber the post I made way back in December 07 bout how I was getting moved at work to a place ages away from all the other team memebers and all the files etc I need everyday??

Well turns out they are just delayed in that endedvour cause I was told on Thursday that I will be moving after all. I can understand why it's being done but that doesn't mean I have to like it! Yes I'm not the only one that is being moved but I am the only one that is being put halfway down the floor, round a corner, tucked in a corner on my own!

It's just going to change the whole dynamic of my working environment drastically. It's going to be far less social and fun. And on the actually work side of things I won't be able to bounce ides/comments etc off the people around me. Again it's taking the whole "I'm a temp" mentality to the extreme. As soon as I heard people were going to be moved I *knew* it was going to be me!

We'll see how it goes. I was such a grumpy mole on Thursday becuase of it though! lol Add to that some drama between 2 freinds of which I'm caught in the middle and Thursday was just a shit day!

Now however I'm off to a hens night :) Gonna release some stress for sure :)
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June 25th, 2008

09:19 pm - *Fingers Crossed*
Been awol for ages cause I broke my internet!! Got far too carried away with downloadin and have gone over the limit and now it's going bat shit slow... and will be for like a month!! The work internet is security blocked to the max so my browsing has been very limited.

Finished watching season 1 of Bones and loved it so tried to download season 2... I'm at 78% but have to wait til my limit kicks over on July 10th. It's a cruel cruel wait. Consoling myself with any fic I can find :)

Watch the Middleman tonight, thought it wasn't too bad and since my bro is going to continue downloading it I'll continue to watch it.

Don't get me started on work. With it being end of month, end of financial year, rollout of new product, installing new system yet no training on either the product or systems and it's all driving me mental. Plus add to that I had my one year anniversary the other day and it went unrecognised by the boss. Even when I told him bout it and he was like well you don't show up on the system cause you aren't suncorp. I know I joke about being "just a temp" but seriously a little recognition would've been nice!! Esp since I work my arse off, have never said no to anything they've asked me to do, take on more and more work without complaint and have only had 3 sick days off in that entire year!! Okay yeah wasn't going to get started *g*

In better news the Cheese festival was awesome!!! had such a great day lounging around on a picnic blanket in the sun with Matt and Karlie, sampling cheese and beer. Then got some free entertainment as well. The dude clearly off his chops dancing by himself all day (even when there was no music) was a highlight. Was wearing hat, sunnies and sunscreen but still managed to get sunburnt... what a surprise!! lol

In the best news of all.... Got a fat email from James. Nice to know he misses me :) And there's a possibilty that we're going to New York for Christmas!!!!! How fucking exciting!!!! fingers crossed that one pulls through.

Only 4.5 months to go... or 19 pay days as I worked out! :)
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