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All my bags are packed, im ready to go..... - Be my A side baby, B side me

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November 8th, 2008

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08:30 am - All my bags are packed, im ready to go.....
Actually scratch that... Ive already left!! thats how crazy the last few weeks were with the funeral (which went well), last week and day of work, leqving drinks with Karlie and then my gma having a fall and being taken to hospital (same one as my gdad and really didnt want to go back there so soon!)

Anyway am currently in Ypres, Belgium. Today were going to a ceremony (by special invite only!) at La Hamel. then tonight we are attending a wreath laying ceremony at Menin Gate.

So far the tour has been good... its so weird to be travelling again though. Going back to brussels was funny. i actually saw stuff this time round not just the laundromat, bar and hostel room! :)

gotta run as tour is leaving soon. not sure when ill next be on the net...just had to go sort out people stuck in the lift right near the internet phonebooth thing!! ahh the joys of travelling
Current Location: Ypres, Belgium
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