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September 28th, 2008

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08:52 pm - Not quite so much of a zombie
Have been sick for going on 2 weeks now. Make that 3 if you count when my back was stuffed. Am just really sick of being sick!!

The first week I thought I just had a normal cold, but then it got worse and worse and I woke up on Sunday and both my ears were blocked. That's never happened to me before with a cold and I freaked out a little! Went and got an ear candle from the chemist. Where you stick this waxy tube in your ear and light it and it helps relieve the pressure in your ear. Mum was like what weirdo alternative medicine are you bringing home? I'm like I'm in pain I'm willingly to try anything!

She refused to help me saying it freaked her out. Didn't stop her from taking photos of me with this thing on fire in my ear though! It did actually help and since then my left ear has been fine but my right is blocked again. Went to the Dr on monday in my lunchbreak and she told me I have an ear infection. So I've been on antibiotics all week. Honestly hadn't felt like I was getting any better.

Been coughing heaps, esp at night. Reminds me of my whooping cough days (just without the spewing). Went and saw the Dr again yesterday and he told me that the infection in my ear has gone down and that my symptoms will just go in time. He did tell me that the fluid in my ear, causing it to be blocked, may take months to drain! Really didn't need to hear that!

Was funny though cause when I went to the Dr the first time and found out I had an ear infection mums like I told you so! So I said yeah but speak into my good ear!! Then dad chimed in with imagine if you had this when we're on the plane... seriously parentals not helping at all!!

I'm on the second lot of antibiotics now and am feeling okay. Still not 100%, have the cough and blocked ear but feel okay. Have spent most of the weekend sleeping. What a waste!

If I have to be sick then I'm glad I'm getting it out of the way now and not while I'm travelling. Speaking of which this week is Ocotber which means I only have 1 month left!

Have spoken to James a few times lately and we've sorted out a rough itinerary for our trip in November. So far it's going to be:

Edinburgh (for about 5 days together before his lease runs out), Dusseldorf, Luxemboug (only 3 years later than we originally planned... better late than never!), Frankfurt, Dresden, Poland (not sure where yet though), Bratislava, Prague, then Rome to catch our flight to New York on the 21st of December.

Is going to be awesome!! Off to bed for more sleep!
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Date:September 29th, 2008 09:31 am (UTC)

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